Stomach *is* resolved!

I don't know if it is the cause or if it could have added to it but I think
all of the stress that my husband had generated wasn't helping. I could
write a novel on that but I won't. Anyway that all came to a screeching
halt but will start up again once he gets some papers that he needs. And I
am trying to get Angela into gear with the big give away. Due to some
problems that my husband caused with her when she was little (and I won't
get into that again) she has been very resistant to giving away thing. So
she hung on to pretty much everything anyone ever gave her. Of course this
was cluttering up the house. She did give away several van loads of stuff
last summer and more recently two more. Plus threw away countless cans of

I think watching those episodes of Hoarding and Hoarders have really helped.
Our house was never that bad but I keep telling her that we don't want to be
like that! She has finally realized that just because someone gave her
something doesn't mean that she has to keep it for all of her life. This is
something that I just don't get. Maybe I am not sentimental. If someone
gives me something that I don't want, I can't wait to get rid of it. I used
to do like my grandma did and keep it around for a while so I could make
sure to put it out when they came over. But I won't even do that any more.
Just out it goes.

I feel much, much better today! I also think the sleep deprivation wasn't
helping me. Getting ready for recital is always very stressful. Assuming
that the venue will be the same next year, that will make it much easier.
Because it was at a new place this year there was just so much we didn't
know. And I plan on getting Angela a Dream Duffel. Maybe one that is a
"seconds" when we can afford it. The rack for her costumes broke this year
and we were unable to get another. Luckily there was a place for hr to put
her costumes. But we had to lug all of those plus a huge cooler of food and
drink and her makeup case a very long way in the rain. The Dream Duffle is
a large (or huge, depending on the size you buy) bag on wheels so you just
roll it. It contains a pop up costume rack, a little seat, a cooler and a
place to put makeup and hair things. If she has that she won't even need me
for anything. She can just wheel it backstage herself. She can do most of
her makeup now. I still did the lashes and liner but I think by next year
she will be able to do that. And she can do all of the needed hairstyles.

Now I just have to straighten out stuff with the Dr. again. I got another
note. This one tells me to up the NPH to 130. I'm not even sure what NPH
is. Is that N? Grrrr... If so I really don't want to do that. I am still
having hypos before bed and I think having to feed the hypo and then
throwing even *more* insulin on top of that makes no sense.