What do you eat when you're not hungry?

I think I am still sick but whatever it is, is receding. I still feel
somewhat weak and very tired/sleepy. But that could be because I am not
getting enough food. My stomach no longer hurts like heck but I am getting
some gnawing/burning pains and a bit of bloating now and then. I just
haven't been able to get to the Dr. However, I do know there is some sort
of stomach thing going around and I assume that is what I have. Angela has
two more dance shows tomorrow and then if I need to, I can go to the Dr. on

My weight is down about 5 pounds. And I am still having some hypos. But I
just don't want to eat. I know I could drink juice. I think I did keep one
serving of apple juice. But I really dislike juice. I need to get more
candy. I disliked the jelly candy I recently purchased. It was so sweet I
had to spit it out. Must get something else. I have a small amount of
Twizzlers left and some kind of gummy things. I am not keen on gummy things
so no fear of me overeating those. And the Twizzlers are the individually
wrapped ones. Those are fine because they are a PITA to open. I have
learned the hard way that I can not buy a big bag of Twizzlers. I will eat
them when I am not supposed to. Those and Swedish Fish are apparently
addictive to me.

Right now I don't even want to eat candy. I just don't want to eat
anything. I have no appetite whatever. And nothing sounds good to eat.
Today I had a small sandwich. Turkey, rice cheese and lettuce on a whole
wheat bun with a little Light Smart Balance. I really don't like sandwiches
and will have to eat another one tomorrow. But... I felt that I needed
protein and with my stomach being so dicey wasn't sure that chia seeds were
a good bet. And there was a little girl at the dance show who is highly
allergic to peanuts so I opted not to eat peanut butter. We were asked to
bring no nuts there but I wasn't taking any chances because I did go
backstage prior.

Because we did not get our dinner until after 9:00, I knew I would need a
snack in there. I had the sandwich for breakfast. Around noon, I guess.
Earlier than I usually eat. I had a couple of Twizzlers, a fruit snack and
a small piece of a whole wheat pretzel stick. I only ate that because I was
bagging some up for us to take and a piece broke off in my hand. I didn't
eat the fruit snack until later, while I was sitting outside waiting for the
show to start.

We got dinner at Taco Bell tonight. Not a place we have been since Angela
was a toddler. But at 9:00 here there isn't much open and I don't have much
food in the house. Pretty much only the stuff for the turkey sandwiches,
some baby carrots and canned or frozen stuff. We have been so busy getting
ready for the recitals and the house re-financing (which is now not
occurring now due to my husband not getting some paperwork that he needs)
that I haven't had much time for shopping. Next week we can shop and get
some good food. But tonight? I had two bean burritos with no cheese. That
is more carbs than I would usually eat but I knew from the past that one
burrito wasn't enough for me. And I eat the same meal the other night and
it didn't raise my BG any. I also had some baby carrots. But it was a
chore to eat them! I should say that a bean burrito is probably my most
favorite food in the whole wide world! And yet, I didn't even want to eat

At night for my snacks, I was trying to have easily digested foods. So I
made white rice or mashed potatoes. But I had to stop eating after just a
few bites. I just didn't want to eat.

Now it would be all well and good to just not eat when you're not hungry.
That makes sense. But for me? I could probably just go for days without
eating. I have done that in the past. I did have some juice then though.
I don't want that at all now though. And I have to eat something. Because
if I don't, I *will* have a hypo.

I have been more active than normal. To get backstage at this venue, we
have to walk quite a ways outside and we are carrying all of the costumes,
train case of hair and makeup stuff, a cooler of food and drinks for Angela
and then there is my giant purse. They do have a disabled exit in the
auditorium so that is saving me a few steps and some stairs. But I am still
having to go up the stairs to get in. And make a long trek to and from the
dressing room.

And then there is the rest of the stuff we have to go to get the house
ready. Angela is getting rid of most everything she owns and that will mean
a trip or two to Value Village with a lot of heavy bags of stuff. And we
have to deep clean two more rooms. And then I can relax. Maybe. Her
summer dance classes start again on Tues.

So... When you just don't feel like eating at all, what do you eat? Used
to be my go to meal was plain white rice in chicken broth with maybe a
little chicken meat, carrots, celery and onion. But now I am intolerant to
chicken and I can't have that. I don't really like turkey broth. Not
really even sure that I like beef broth. But I'm not really sure I ever
tried it either. I have only ever used it as an ingredient in things. I
would like to just stop eating. But I know that won't work for me.