Adventures of a Type 3 and his Wife

If you recall, a "Type 3" is what my Type 1 friend calls a Type 2 who
dosen't give a hoot about his diabetes. here's is the result -

At the cafe I got to each morning on the way to work, I meet a couple of
ladies who also go there for their "psychological relief". The older lady
looks around late 60s, and still works as a cleaner. She not only looks
after her husband, a Type 3, but her son, also a diabetic, and her grandson,
also a diabetic.

Well, her husband's Type 3 attitude has now caught up with him, or should I
say more accurately - with his wife. He now has multiple deadly problems,
and this poor woman has been spending her time travelling from hospital to
hospital with her husband, being screwed around by doctors and specialists.
She tells me all this with a laugh, and I know inside her she must be very
distraught and... just tired of it all.

I wish that all those Type 3s out there would consider not only what may
happen to <them>, but what effect this will have on their loved ones -
wives, husbands, sons, daughters, who may have to look after tham when their
carelessness about their disease catches up with them.