OT (sort of) - Anti Depressant Reduction Update

Until a month and a half ago I was taking one tablet of Paroxetene. It was
not solving my depression problem. My options were to either keep on taking
that dose and hoping that at least my depression would not get worse, to
increase the dose and hope that my depression would reduce, but that would
only be temporary. I chose the third option - that was to reduce the dose. I
reduce the dose from one tablet to three quarters. I successfully maintained
that dose for a month. Then I reduced the dose this month by a further
eighth of a tablet, the smaller reduction being on Susan's advice which I
have always valued.

Too bad that this period of further reduction has co-incided with stresses
in my life, the most severe being right now. I am regardless resisting the
temptation to increase the dose, and maintaining the five eights tablet one.

I know depression is probably OT here, but depression and diabetes are
partners to some. I hope my update provides guidance to someone.