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and Anecdotes are not data.

So how many anecdotes does it take for information to be
considered data? Medical information arrives in drips and
drabs of 1, not in swarms. Somewhere along the line it
does actually become data.

look twit

Well you're off to a good start. Are you off some meds again?
Or just have too much testosterone in your system?

Oops, rhetorical question in the form of a purposeful false


Willful blindness, I see. When one person says they saw a wolf, it
can be considered an anecdote. When 99 more people in the same
neighborhood say they saw it that day, those 100 anecdotes are
useful data. BTW, this is not a far fetched example. We have grey
wolves where I live, and enough of them that they've been removed
from the endangered species list. When my neighbor telephoned one
day to tell me a black bear was headed in my direction, I didn't
ignore that as though it were merely a worthless anecdote. I grabbed
a camera (have photos) and a couple of pot lids. After I took
pictures through the window I went to the front door, opened it,
and started clanging the pot lids together to drive it away. Black
bears around here always attack bird feeders, so I had time to make
photos, albeit at the expense of a bird feeder.

the incredible ignorance of some people is still surprising.

And you're providing such a fine example. Your pronouncements
are devoid of value. Screaming that "anecdotes are not data"
is a useless anecdote! With some thousands changing the meaning
of the word, it might become a different reality.

Having chased that bear a few years ago, I had gotten careless
about placing bird feeders. I have video of a deer some time
later placing its mouth over a hole in a bird feeder and sucking
seeds out. Later one bit and broke the roof off a feeder in order
to get at the seed. I now hang them quite high, and out of reach
of bears and deer.

BTW, every anecdote I provided above is useful information, and
thereby is data, whether you like the idea or not. You might want
to speak with your physician and perhaps cut back on the dose
of testosterone you're getting, or get back on some meds you're
obviously lacking. So much lashing out isn't good for you.