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So this came out in April, 2011. Why didn't the info leak out?

It has to be the biggest conspiracy ever.

It did. I followed it last spring. I really don't think that just
because a picture shows her eating a huge hamburger that it means she
eats that way every day. This is not news people. As far as her
television show is concerned, she does have a contract and may not be
free to modify recipes just because of her health condition.
Producers and sponsors have a lot of input there, simply because they
invest in the show.

But she doesn't have to take giant bites of the stuff and cram her mouth
full while she talks.

She'd have to swallow things without chewing. I happened on her TV show
a couple of days ago, and where she was tasting her creation in order to
display pleasure and vocalize it, there wasn't enough time or chewing
to have actually sampled the product. I'd bet she never takes a
significant bite of her stuff if she really takes a bite at all.

Don't forget, her sample has the allegedly bitten part away from
the camera, concealed by the rest of her product.

There are commercials about an Oriental looking fellow who pours
a glass of juice for a woman, then disappears from the scene
either grabbing the back of a passing garbage truck, or climbing
a downspout, or diving into a pool. But you never actually see
him doing any of those things, but you're successfully left with
just enough of an image to permit your mind to fill in the blanks.
You never see the actual act.

She is routinely seen taking huge bites of whatever she made. Often going
back for a second bite. And sometimes stopping the process of making
whatever food she is making to go back and take a bite of whatever she had
previously made.