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Yep. I also saw an excerpt of her son's new show where he takes her
and makes them over to have less fat and calories. It showed her
food with reckless abandon but she was also fearful that it wouldn't

I do know diabetics who eat with reckless abandon. I am not one of
them. I
can't be. Does not work for me at all.

would you kindly describe "eating food with reckless abandon"

I do not know who Paula Deen is, nor have i seen her show....... i
have NO IDEA how she cooks or eats

Going out to dinner. Ordering a huge burger and fries and a side salad
with a ton of blue cheese dressing. Waiting two hours for the food to
settle. Then having two huge pieces of cake, a dish of ice cream, a
handful or two of candies.

Going to a party where Thai food is being served. Heaping your plate
with anything you want and then having a side plate of rice. This
person's favorite food at these parties was a corn fritter which for
all I know wasn't really Thai but they were made by a Thai woman.

Going to Olive Garden and ordering the soup (can't remember the name
but beans and pasta) which in and of itself has more carbs than I can
eat in a meal and I'm not a low carber. Then having 2 or 3 breadsticks
along with it and one of their huge plates of pasta. I don't know the
carb count of all of their dishes but the gluten free pasta has 96g of
carbs in it. Just to show how many carbs these dishes have. Waiting a
couple of hours for the food to settle then having 2 or 3 pieces of

Going to a buffet restaurant and eating 3 or 3 plates of food, very
little of which is salad. Accepting whatever rolls or breadsticks they
are passing out, then going for a dish of ice cream and a plate of
assorted desserts.

These are examples of people I know personally. I could tell more
stories. I won't.

Paula Deen loves to talk about butter. She adds it to everything and
then adds more. I'm not going to take a stance on the butter. I don't
personally feel there is anything wrong with butter in and of itself.
But she is well known for using far too much of it.

She also loves sweets. Her signature dish is some sort of burger
sandwiched between two donuts.

She also loves fried foods. And like any TV chef I have seen, she
takes bites of what she has made. But she doesn't just take a taste
like some do. She takes a huge, stuff your mouth bite and then maybe
one or two more, all the while exclaiming how good the food is.

She has also recently been quoted to say that she will not give up cake
or pie. Or something like that. I can't remember the exact words.

When I left home in '66 to move to IN to find work my mom's food bill
cut by more than half

And I left five adults behind.

Any of those descriptions would have been a snack for me because _AT
THAT TIME_ I was 155 and a hyperactive 19 year old.

Heck, I was drinking up to three gallons of raw milk a day back then (it
was free) and no water, tea, coffee or sodas, just milk.

I ate pretty much like that right up till I acepted I was a T2 in '04.

Most men can and do eat quite a lot. My 23 year old nephew is an
exception. But I think he has an eating disorder. He eats only one meal
a day and it's not even a full meal. Most of the time at a restaurant he
will take half of the food home even if it is a Caesar salad. I do
sometimes feel that it could partially be that he can't afford much food.
So I do try to give him food as gifts when I can, as does my mom.

I have another person I consider to be a nephew but isn't really. He is
in his 30's I think but he doesn't eat much for reasons I won't get into
here. His brother though is HUGE! He can EAT!

When I first married my husband, I was warned never to take him to a
buffet. I was told if I did, he would stuff himself to the point of
getting horribly ill. I didn't listen. He did do that once. Mostly
after that he would just refuse to eat at buffets totally. Now he has
learned how to do it. A plate of salad. Maybe another plate of salad.
A plate of dinner food. And maybe a plate of dessert, some of which
might be fruit.

I had a roommate who was 6'4" and thin as a rail. He could just eat and
eat and eat! There was no amount that was ever too much for him.
Several times he bought a dozen donuts to bring home to share with me.
But they never made it home. Not a one. Her would always eat them in
the car on the way home. We were very poor in those days. That was when
we accidentally got all the Jack in the Box coupons in the mail. Lots of
free items or B1G1F because they opened a new location near us. We ate
there every night for weeks because it was cheap. To the point where I
couldn't stand to eat there again for years. And once we turned 21 we
went to happy hours for dinner. We knew all the ones that put out the
best spreads. We didn't even have enough money to buy a cocktail. We
just bought a soft drink and had dinner. We also knew of every party
around because there was always food there.

Think metabolism. I had a sky high metabolism until I turned 25.

I was 5'9" and 133 at my high school graduation. I regularly slept 1 -4
hours a night and still sleep less than 7 at age 65 (well, next month I'll
be 65) usually only 5 hours.

OTOH, I had a friend that had to nibble like you mentioned or he'd put on
the pounds and slept 8-10 hours a night.

And he was the school's cross coutry star!!!

At 25 I probably weighed 145 and was 5' 8". Not really overweight. Maybe
just a few pounds. I slept probably 5 or 6 hours most nights. Almost
always slept in when I wasn't working. I did have to watch what I ate.


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