Re: For one who shall remain nameless.....

Tiger Lily <me@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 1/15/2012 1:43 AM, hemyd wrote:
I know a few people who received multiple bypasses (quintuple in one
case - turned out quadruple because they ran out of spare veins), and
the people are alive and kicking many years later. As long as your
hubby "mends his ways" to fix the reason for his clogged arteries. I
wish I was as optimistic about me.

well, most of hubby's 'ways' are genetic

he's slim
exercises regularly
doesn't smoke, drink or do those things we aren't supposed to do
eats very well (see my 'free veggie' list LOL)

his family tends to have hypertension as well, his hypertension is much
better since the bypass

moving to sea level would be helpful, not sure we can afford that, we'll

Without wishing to increase your stress level: If ya move near the coast,
don't forget tsunami insurance!

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