Re: Meats, full-fat yogurt, butter, cream OK to control diabetes?

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Has any one read

  I disagree strongly with the opening paragraph:

! Diabetes affects different people in different ways,
! depending on their degree of diabetic complication,
! but, while different amounts of carbs may be eaten for
! this reason, the types of foods to eat and to avoid is
! the same for all.

What did you think of the diet choices at the above site?

  Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, and autoimmune
  diseases are mostly allergies.  When I first came into
  this forum I read a discussion about glycemic index, and
  how we cannot rely on the glycemic index of foods from
  the standard tables. Each of us has a different reaction
  to the foods.  Some food allergies attack the insulin
  producing cells or increase insulin resistance.  This is
  *why* they have higher glycemic index.  On top of this
  there are issues about the amount of carbs and how
  quickly they are absorbed.

How did you draw this conclusion? Just because your BG goes
up after eating certain foods and not others?

  I did somewhat the same thing that Chris Malcolm did,
  taking many BG readings during the day, and I found that
  dairy products are incredibly damaging.  They are a slow
  poison for me. Potatoes OTOH are perfectly OK.  I thrive
  on potatoes and sauerkraut. Rules about whole grains are
  completely wrong for me.

Potatoes work for me also, I think they have some
anti-diabetic ingredient in them, can't recall what it is,
read it somewhere. Grains are causing me problems too I
think, but pasta lightly cooked does not, only breads,
especially white breads.

I believe pasta is made from fine wheat flour as is white bread.

Was told not to eat corn flakes, but read that pop-corn is good.

Was a bit surprised when Surgery Dietician said I can eat Basmati
rice. This rice always sold polished. Advice is that one should eat
rice with only husks removed but never polished.

Sauerkraut is very high in sodium
unless homemade.

  I know that others here have different results.  They
  find that different diets work better for them.  Genetic
  variation is a consequence of evolution, but "one man's
  meat is another man's poison" harks back to Democritus.

You main contention that diabetes is an autoimmune disease
may be true only for small sub group of diabetics. The
connection between milk and diabetes has been drawn for a
long time, not sure how valid it is.

Basmati as a white grain tastes like burlap. Here in the States they
raise Texmati and it is often sold as brown rice. Back in the day
when I ate grains, brown Texmati was a favorite.

Texmati ..................Trig