Re: OT: When is a blessing not a blessing?

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On 1/1/2012 9:48 PM, Cheri wrote:

How long ago was this? And how could they really stop you from using
your own bags?

I've lived in metro NY my entire life and have NEVER been required nor
heard of anyone required to use a store bag for any purchase. I have
brought my own for a few years, and have refused unnecessary bags for
many years in all sorts of stores. For large items, six packs, etc. I
ask for PAID stickers.


Well you can come off your high horse because she said it was in the
commissary that she was told that. I seriously doubt you have ever been in
a commissary. That's the problem with killfiling people, you only see
what's repeated in other people's posts. To properly bitch about someone
its always best to know what they actually say when you want to reply to

Yep. And I *know* this is not the first time I have told this story here.