Re: OT: When is a blessing not a blessing?

Damian <damian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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: >For many of us in apartments the plastic bags the store gives are recylced
: >as garbage bags. If we did not have them we would hav eto buy other
: >plastic bags to put the garbage in. We use small bags and take it out to
: >the back hall into a garbage or recycle can lined with the big bags
: >used to put them on the street for pick-up (with a cover ro prevent
: >rodents) where it is collected by the house prter or janitor. It woudl
: >make no sense to stop having those small grocery store plastic bags which
: >are given a double use as garbage bags. Different situations require
: >different approaches. If they tok away the store bags i would have to buy
: >boxes of tall kitchen bags to use to put my garbage or recycleables in,
: >which owoudl result in no greening adn would just cost suctomers money
: >they nedn't spend.
: >
: >Wendy

: You can purchase biodegradable plastic bags which would be far better
: on the environment than the small ones you get at the checkout lines.


: Damian

why not require the markets to use biodegradable bags themselves, then
when we in apartments use the small bags for our garbage we would be
reusing a biodegradable product before it biodegrades and save one bag in
the process. It woudl also save the customer the money they would need to
buy extra bags to dispose of the garbage.

In NYC the bags the store gives are generally larger than the small ones I
get upstate. That is because in NYC most peole ?CARRY their groceries
home BY HAND, not packed into a car a driven home, using petroleum. those
larger bags are the perfect size for my not rall tall garabage can in the