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I'm a Polio Survivor and had weakened legs for 15 years, then I exercised
build them up ... too well.

I can't swim unless I use fins because I can kick my feet thru the water
easily and the water cavitates (???) anyway, no thrust or support for the
legs results without fins.

ahhh, you are bending your knees............ keep your knees straight,
that keeps your feet in the water........... hold your legs about 8 inches
apart and ensure up/down are equal

(did i mention i'm an instructor, sorry, not being pushy)

Not a problem, Kate. All great instructors tend to "advise" instictively. ;)

Actually, my legs were straight. Buttocks and abdominals muscles were as
built as the rest of the leg. I could hold a 250 pound person on my stomach
while lying on my back on the floor, relax a bit and let them down a few
inches then tighten up and regain the lost height. It was less painful.
according to one friend, to punch me in the head than my gut.

Scissor kicks just made bubbles. To give an idea of my leg strength, at
county fairs I would look for the car they would have to for people to smash
with sledgehammers for charity ...then I'd pay double if they would let me
kick it instead.

but, if you can run fins, they strengthen your thigh muscles mostly and
calves a bit (leverage mechanics here)

My thighs and calves rivaled Schwartzeneggar's ... above the waist, eh, that
came later.

OTOH, I could knee an 80 pound sack of utility potatoes onto a 12 foot
stack, from the ground, on a farm wagon, or max the old Army P.T. man
test with a guy that outweighed me by 40 pounds in a fireman's carry, or
an easy run, not jog, for a couple hours.

There are fast or slow twitching muscles. Fast twitching muscles are good
at short distance races. Slow twitching muscles are for duration races.
I didn't have a change in the 110, 220 races....... enter the 440 and i
was in the top 4........ add the 880 and boy, all those short distance
racers were choked........... they couldn't finish the race and i was a
couple of LAPS ahead of them (not small laps)

I lapped our top crosscountry runner twice in 40 minutes in streeet clothes
in gym class my sophomore year and stay with the pack in the 100 yrd dash. I
didn't build just bulk, I worked on tone and speed as well.

Now, you'd think I could dunk a basketball with legs like that but I have
the trunk and arms of a man 6' 3" and a leg inseam of only 30 inches. I
stand 5' 9" and can barely brush the bottom of the net.

5 ft torso, 6 ft legs........... most of my strength is in my legs........
the 6 ft legs got me into synchronized swimming comp's

i need to google and find the name of the Olympic contenders that i
err........ practiced with!?!?! (no, i was FAR FROM THEIR LEAGUE!)

At my peak, I had 24.5" circumfrence thighs but no length to my legs. The
only thing I can figure is I never developed full length legs and then
too much muscle for what I did have.


also makes finding jeans a bitch!


Not really ... in the mid 60's, tight legs on men's pants were cool and 26 /
30's were pretty easy to find ( I was 5'9" and 133 pounds at graduation)


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