Re: kidney dialysis

Bessie, There is a fellow on chat who is in renal failure. It might be a place where you can find more information that is relevant from a patient's perspective. You can get to chat this way (here's where i copy & paste) Please join us here click [here] on line 3 see your old friends and make new ones.-- P.S. Please make sure your java is current ty!


On 12/4/2011 2:58 PM, BessieBee wrote:
I've known for quite awhile that my kidneys are losing function due to
diabetes. I learned yesterday that they're failing more rapidly than
expected/hoped. According to my doctor if they continue to fail at this
rate I can expect to be on dialysis in about 3 months. That or a

Oh joy.

Is there anyone here who's been on dialysis that can give me a real,
first hand account of the experience? Part of me is taking the news
rather fatalistically, another part is quaking in my boots. Right now
I'm sitting here feeling like a huge cloud of doom is hanging over my head.