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BMI 19.75 and going down slowly.

Chris, please reconsider this

ONE serious illness and you can land in danger zone

also, there is a difference for Asian descent folks, they develop type 2
at a much lower BMI than other cultures/civilizations may

my GP was constantly after me to 'put weight on'

i was also identified as "very well fed" when i was a younger child
................ who was severely hypothyroid, but that part wasn't

how can someone 'severely hypothyroid' NOT gain weight? i dunno

Back when I was overweight, I had one endoscopic operation and
I pretty quickly lost several inches around the waist  (~ 25 pounds).
By that metric, I am perfect!? Still I like to try less .....nuts
I had a link and I lost it, OK it should on another browser's history..
Anyway, it was on the Asian and weight
topic but it had a graph/figure that suggested weight reduction
would improve health measure all the way down to a BMI
of 19 in both Asians and Whites ( I think they used the word 'whites'
in the article?) The graphs looked TOO perfect to be believed.
The article was suggesting Asians need to go to 22.5 to 23 at most.

What now? My dogs are whining............................Trig

i'll i know is that if i let my BMI drop too low, i'm in serious danger
of some sort of 'crisis'

i'm now running a BMI of 23 and i feel that's too heavy, but only marginally

it has always been harder for me to REGAIN weight after a serious
illness like pneumonia/flu/bronchitis/stomach bug AND recover from said
illness than it would have been to have been at my present BMI and recover

i have some ugly sinus infection (for far too long now and now being
sent for CT scans) and then i got an 'unusal/rare reaction to this years
flu shot'......... i blame the sinus problem, i still dropped 10 lbs in
3 days............ not good :(


A couple of thoughts.

A round of antibiotic during the summer when the sinuses are
pretty settled can resolve a chronic infection.

I am a huge fan of vitamin D3 for the prevention of colds
and the flu which can lead to sinus problems flaring. I take
a whopping dose. I'll say it is well above 5000 IU per day
say like 10 000 :) Understand, ideally I'd titrated the dose
by way of labs. The problem being I won't accept numbers that
most conventional Quacks (MDs and ODs) accept as replete.
Plus I take vitamin K2 in both short and long side chain forms
to prevent soft tissue calcium deposits. YMMV
There is also a pneumonia shot, one can take.

And air filter at home can also help.

MSM/dimethyl sulfone can suppress inflammation of
seasonal allergies far better in my experience than
the crud the Docs will prescibe.

just my opinion and not a medical grade opinion $$$$$$$$

off to look up DSM now

as my sinus problems are allergy related (don't go to Wheatland County
at harvest season! noted on calendar now)

if i catch the allergy with enough benadryl, i can avoid the sinus
infection....... during the winter when a lot of the air borne allergens
ebb i can do better, as long as i have the house 'spring cleaned' before
winter comes to clean up the dust from summer


ta, Trig

Most people know it as MSM and take it for joint pains. Its
an over the counter supplement here the States.
Some alternative Docs use it for osteoarthritis.

Always remember I experiment on myself. That is not
to say one can't find people referring to it use for allergies.

Some years ago an old actors sang it praises on a late
night show as a guest and got the fuddies of the anti-quack
platoon all stirred up and buzzing angry. A perfect reason
to try it . Not so much the old actor but that it had
the 'right' enemies to be the right choice.
It doesn't 'burn' the gut like Aleve and the other NSAIDs.
It doesn't sedate like Benadryl.
It doesn't damage the liver like Tylenol and it generic kin.
It can be consumed with some ethanol/wine/beer.
It doesn't poison the chondrocytes like Aleve and it prescription and
OTC kin.


I've been pleased with it.

ta, i've seen MSM about

how long before it works?


pretty quickly. For allergy I'd assume it would take
longer if you are inflamed. You know how ineffective
antihistamines are once the nasal linings are inflamed
and at that point the conventional Doc will offer
a prednisone shot. YMMV. For joint pains it works pretty
rapidly though it seems all to become more effective
when taken for awhile. Also alties suggest one take
holidays from it if one is a daily regular consumer.
Further I don't think there is any research in pregnant
females of any species to say it is safe in that context.
Effective as it is there is precious little research.
It isn't something that seems to bother the stomach
or liver in comparison to NSAIDs or Tylenol.