Re: Kill Files - Can they be Spiked?

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On 9/29/2011 7:11 AM, hemyd wrote:
I don't mean krill files. I mean kill files. Of course trolls try to
circumvent them. I reckon they can be a dangerous thing in another way.
Never having had a kill file myself, I have no doubt that some clever
can manipulate posts so that people's kill files can be "doctored" to
deliberately block genuine posts the owners of these kill files might
want blocked.

No, they can't. The problem is in properly setting up a filter. Too
broad, and it filters out too much, too narrow, and it doesn't filter
out enough.

With Thunderbird, I can only get direct references to the Chung out, not
idiots who feed the troll unless I filter too much, but I do pretty well
on everything else. I get a lot of stuff I am not interested in, but
most of the outright trolling is gone

I tend to kill file anyone who responds to him. Which I think is
sometimes why some people wind up in there that ordinarily would not.

What if they hijack a thread? Can the original poster of such a thread end
up in your kill file?

My file kills by whatever e-mail they put in there. Seems a lot of people
use common ones like me at privacy dot com, so if they are doing this, I
might accidentally killfile them along with whoever it was I intended to
kill file.