Re: Weight loss through calorie restriction less than expected; mathematical modeling

Ted Wrote:
In fact, the "calories in, calories out" model is long discredited.
Low caloric diets will often yield results. but low carb diets often
yield BETTER results.

Ted, Enough of this non-sense. Authoritative pronouncements without
evidence (pub med peer reviewed pubs) don't count for squat.

Here's the deal:
Some, not all, free living studies, where you trust folks to honestly
report what and how much they eat, - do show better weight loss with
lower carb /higher protein diets. And other free living studies show
higher carb diet are superior for weight loss. Unfortunately, free
living studies are fraught with inaccuracies. This has also been

BUT - When you preform more difficult, more expensive experiments to
verify what and how much folks eat - then only calories count. This
has been shown over 20 times in the last 60 years with virtually no

It's also been established that higher protein diets are more
satiating. This is strong plus butit has absolutely no bearing that
only calories count.

Here's a few Refs:

If a password is required, I suggest you join, it's free

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