Re: I realise I don't really enjoy mash

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On 29/07/2011 9:50 PM, Ozgirl wrote:
Over the past 11 years I have pretty much avoided mashed potato and on
occasion when I did have potato it was usually a small jacket, new
potato or roast potatoes. Sometimes fries with a steak meal when out.
Well tonight we had ham steaks grilled with grilled pineapple slices,
corn on the cob and some greens and did mash for the kids. I decided I
would have serve of mash (as opposed to a lick of a spoon) as I haven't
been grocery shopping this week and the low carb veggie pickings are
sparse. Even with a creamy, garlic sauce I honestly didn't enjoy the
mash at all. So I had idealised mash for nothing ;)

You should have tried my mothers, sort of a grayish colour with a taste
you just couldn't pick what it was, I was 15 before I realised the mashed
potato was supposed to be white. Mums secret ... she always burned the
potatoes :-)

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RodS T2


I pulled kitchen patrol in my National Guard unit many years ago and they
needed potatoes mashed for lunch ... so I up-sized my mom's recipe:

100 pounds potatoes; boil till very soft
2 gallons whole milk
10 pounds butter
1 pound salt
1 1/4 pound coarse black pepper

The troops came back begging for seconds on the potatoes . . . . . . . . .

And the Mess Sergeant offered me a job as a cook ... but I don't like to
ruin good food.