Re: What's different about Jennifer's Advice?

On Jul 27, 3:55 am, Paul L <p...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Jennifer's advice has helped many many people.   I am one. After three
months I looked like a pincushion but had a good understanding of how my
damaged metabolism handled different foods in many different situations.

The politics of why someone would ever devalue what she has done no
longer interest me.

Th only politics at play here is claiming that Jennifer's advice was
devalued. If someone here made the statement "People with diabetes
should use a glucose meter to check their bg" but some had never heard
of doing that and then others explained that it was something their
doctor advised them to do many many years ago, it would no doubt cause
the same problems in this newsgroup. That's what's going on here.

Hey, Ozgirl says the world is round. She's brilliant. Unlike the dopey
scientist I go to for my science information because he said the world
is flat. Therefore ALL scientists aren't as smart or helpful as Ozgirl
and she was the first to discover the world is round!!! ;)