Re: What's different about Jennifer's Advice?

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The previous discussion about this has got rather polluted by
cross-posting trolls so I'm restarting it here.

The only trolling and pollution I see is what you wrote in this post,

I was referring specifically to the cross-posting trolls. I'm pleased
to hear that your own filtering/killfiling/whatever prevents you from
seeing the religious cross posted crap from smc, but some of us in asd
don't operate any filtering or killfiling, and some of us kill any
threads in which that cross-posted crap has started. So it's wise not
to continue asd threads in which that kind of stuff has started.

which is nothng more than a straw man premise built on something you
say I said, but I never said.

I'd like to keep this thread as far as possible free from
misunderstandings, baseless accusations, etc. I apologise if I've
misrepresented your views in any way in what I wrote. I shouldn't have
tried to summarise your views on what is obviously a contentious
thread. I was referring to such remarks of yours as these:-

"Oh please. Jennifer did not invent the test, test, test method. My
endo advised me to do that over 20 years ago and my current endo
advises the same thing. I like Jennifer and thought she was a nice
person, but her advice is based on basic diabetes information I've
heard from many other sources over the years."

"It just seems foolish that some here make it out to be some kind of
magic formula that the professional medical community is unaware of.
Well, here's a newsflash: They are and they have been for quite some

Whereas I think there is something unusual and helpful in Jennifer's
Advice which you are *unlikely* to get from your doctor, your endo,
the ADA's web pages, and other professional medical sources.

Note the "unlikely". Jennifer's Advice is not inconsistent with the
conventional wisdom about type 2 treatment. Some people will get the
same advice from their doc, endo, etc.. Some will try it out for
themselves despite apparently different advice from their doc, endo,
etc., and will find that when presented with the results of their
experiments that their doc, endo, etc. approves of them following
Jennifer's Advice.

I've not seen any report by anyone following Jennifer's Advice and
getting good results from it that anyone on their medical team
disapproves of what they're doing and advises them to stop.

So in those senses Jennifer's advice is consistent with medical
advice. It's also true that some medical professionals have been
advocating the kind of approach summarised in Jennifer's Advice for a
long time. That's where she got it from. But the advice of those
medics is not so easily found or understood by a newbie.

But it does seem to provide a useful different emphasis which seems to
have led many into more successful BG control than they likely would
have achieved had their medical team followed such standard treatment
guidelines as those the ADA provide for the guidance and education of
medical professionals.

In that sense I do think there is something usefully different and
novel about Jennifer's Advice.

You *still* don't get it. Do you? It's not *her* advice! Just because she
said it once and saved it to her hard drive to copy again and again and
again doesn't make it *her* advice.