Re: Diabetes or Not?

On 7/25/2011 5:51 AM, outsider wrote:
On 7/25/2011 3:32 AM, BlueBrooke wrote:

I had a similar conversation with someone just in the past few weeks.
He's on Metformin and his doctor has told him he probably needs to
start on insulin, but they've upped his Metformin dosage for the time
being to see if he can avoid that.

Why would anyone avoid insulin? It seems to avoid the side effects
of all the other diabetes relevant drugs.

sider, check for Old Al's posts on usenet. He's been on the road for a few years now, but he used to give good presentations on the vast benefits of metformin, especially for a type 2 diabetic. one protection that gets my attention is 'cardio-protective'!



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