Re: My chats with Tom

hemyd wrote:

Tom is a friend I recently had the pleasure to re-acquaint myself
with. He is about my age, a Type 1 diabetic. he is opinionated about
most things, especially ways of managing and coping with diabetes.
He's had diabetes since his early childhood and at the age of almost
60 has no complications. His opinions on diabetes often clashed with
mine. I never argued. I figured if someone like him has managed to
survive so long in good health, I have no right to try to impose my
possibly wrong ideas, or ones which may suit me but not him.

Recently I have begun to listen to his stories, no matter how
incredible they seemed at times. As a result of our chats the past
couple of weeks have been for me a mind-blowing journey into my own
diabetes. I now listen to Tom's theories and think "is this theory
completely silly?" "Could I be wrong about my own long standing
theory?" "Should I try this new suggested theory?"

Don't get me wrong, I am not about to radically change my way of
life, but I feel it pays to shed any preconceptions one has had and
listen to new ideas with an open mind. Then analyse them with a
mixture of common sense.

way to go Henry :)


and don't forget to add "knowledge of the facts" to common sense because it just might even alter what you now consider "common sense"

Afterall it is just *your* common sense, both his and mine are different