Re: The experiment continues..............part 2


On 7/4/2011 3:33 AM, trigonometry1972@xxxxxxxxx | wrote:

My BP were reaching and exceeding 140/90 which is stage 1
The 132/85 is prehypertension as I understand. I am lower for the most
part now. And low BP is something like 90/60 so it seems to me I am
doing something right and I am above that.

140/90 is the safe limit, no benefit to treating lower.

Whatever you think of my approach, I'll suggest some of it failings
is in my poor reporting rather than the actual practice.
Most the substances and practices I've tinkered with
weeks, months, years and even decades. And if you don't like what you
see try to do better and then report it better than I do. I might
follow an improved

I'm not experimenting the way you do. I do report things when something new happens or I try something. But I give it an individual trial.

I wasn't posting to criticize you, only to suggest a method of actually finding out what helps and what doesn't, and to separate coincidence from cause and effect.


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