Re: The experiment continues..............part 2

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On 7/3/2011 11:22 AM, trigonometry1972@xxxxxxxxx | wrote:
FBG 101 Some better than it has been. The
goal is a value below 85.

BP is actually lowish
102/63 at pulse of 61 though "pulse pressure" is
wide as ever. It maybe I am still asleep.

Was it the fenugreek or the acetyl-n-carnitine perhaps
or maybe just chance/noise or the check came too
early or the asparagus for that matter................Trig

acetyl l carnitine made me feel very weak and shaky when I tried it, so might be at the root of your improvement.

BUT, since you change so many things so frequently without giving time for results to manifest or be distinguished from other things, it's just impossible to say.