Re: Fad diets in the treatment of diabetes.

impaul <reader@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: : On 2011-04-27, Janet

much for posting this. It is precisely this tpe of language : > labelling
carbohydrate restriction a "fad diet" that raises my hackles. : > : > I am
willing to bet you any amount of money that if I had asked if they had : >
any books on cooking with "healthy whole grains" she would have led be
right : > to some, with no blather about "fads." Same thing if I had asked
about : > gluten-free baking. Yet one is a "fad" as much as the other. : >
: > :

Still, I like to see some numbers regarding "low carb" in low carb
diet : in relation to the total number of Calories intake; or how much :
saturated fat will get one into obesity. The low carb need to be :

: The extract doesn't say anything about saturated fat effect on someone
: who already has cardiovascular disease. The statement that heart
: disease can be resolved with glycemic control implies, to me, that
: it is claimed that heart disease may be caused by glucose & not fat?

: BTW, the year I had my CABG, my FBG was 98 & triglcerides @ 167;
: didn't show any A1c at that time but can believe that it was under
: 5.0 as it is now asof 6 mo ago.

: I still eat rice 4 times a week, 2 tuna/cheese sandwich twice a week,
: a muffin for breakfast & starting again to eat a tuna/cheese bagette
: once a week.

: Guess maybe I'm still outside the curve & don't count.

I have not had any cadio problems(knock on wood) including the 25 years I
have been diabetic. I lost considerable weight after diagnosis, following
a regular low calorie, controlled carb, low fat diet and fear that ket me
on it. When my bgs stabilized adn I went off insulin, the fear receded
and I floundered around for several years. Over the last about 16 years,
I have been on, what I would catagorize as a moderate carb diet(between
60-100 grams a day) and have maintained my weight loss with daily weighing
so it doesn't kind of slip higher without my looking. I am on fewer and
lower doses of med for both diabetes and bp, than I was on 16 years ago on
this diet. I'd like to lose more weight, but it seems difficult at 75.