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Hi all, I am a 7+ year diagnosed type 2 looking for some ideas. I am 65
and have been on diet/exercise and 500mg Metaform in morning. I have
been in control, but lately, last couple weeks (nothing extraordinary
going on) I have awakened to BG's in the 120 range. Usually I am below
107. The rest of the time, after meals and 2-3 hours later I am fine.

This is a mystery and I will be seeing my HMO soon if it doesn't return
to my previous range (Oh yea my last AC1 was 5.6 and my weight is fine).

Any ideas? I have been eating a low carbs diet and walking about 10
miles a week. Last night for dinner I had some boiled pork, tomatoes,
cucumber and lettuce (and a beer) at a Greek restraint. Three hours
later I was at 107. This morning after taking med's I was at 126!

Worry some...............


Hi Brian! I'm in a similar situation as you re HbA1c, weight, diet and
exercise - and age. I'm on glimepiride instead of Metformin, though. On
this group I've learned about the Dawn phenomenon, which happens to some
of us in the morning, also called liver dump, when the liver converts
stored glycogen to glucose. In a nondiabetic, there will be a quick
insulin response, which tells the liver to "knock it off, that's enough".
Since many T2s don't have the quick insulin response (but we do have a
delayed one), the liver will dump enough glucose to raise our bgs.

Some here, including me, have found that a small protein snack at
bedtime, or just as you get up, or both, will reduce the dawn phenomenon
spike. Cheese or a hardboiled egg will work fine. I forget who said it,
the point is to convince your liver that you are not starving.

I wouldn't worry too much about 126 - that's 7 in my units, and the
diagnostic limit is 7.2 in consecutive days, and your bg also drops
quickly to a normal level.

Sigh - HbA1c result today was 6.1. I was probably too tempted by the
cakes at all those family birthdays in the begnning of the year ...
"surely that can't hurt", well, it does mean working a bit harder to get
back below 6. ...

I've also had the "dawn syndrome" since I was diagnosed. I tried every
idea I gleaned from the newsgroup, but with no success. In the end it took
about 20 units of Lantus before bed to get my fbg down to a reasonable
level, and with it a drop of my HbA1c to below 6%.

That is not to say some of the ideas will not work. You should most
definitely listen to any - what to eat, when to eat, what exercise to do,
etc. - suggestion and experiment.

What exactly is "dawn syndrome"? - I often wake up with what almost feels
like a hangover, does that tie with what's being discussed here?