Re: Numbness on top of foot?

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Julie Bove <juliebove@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

: I had thought of diabetes because she had darkened skin which I thought
: might be Acanthosis Negricans, a sign of insulin resistance. However
: darkened skin wasn't necessarily in the same spots as it would be with
: And as it turns out, it scrubs away nicely with some effort. Up until
: she refused to scrub hard enough to make a difference. And she loves to
: wear black shirts which seem to have dye that leeches onto the skin.

: The Dr. said to me that numbness wasn't usually a first symptom of
: But when I told him it was with me, he hopped right on it.

: If she does have it, it would most likely be type 2 and not type 1. She
: does not seem to have any symptoms of that.

: She was complaining today of itchy skin and it does appear to be dry.
: she was complaining of a headache and stomach pains, which I googled and
: that they are a sign of diabetes in children, but not necessarily

: However... I woke up this morning with what I thought was a migraine
: it's not gone. For me they usually last a good three days. Sometimes
: I promptly threw up the two bites of cottage cheese I ate as well as my
: morning pills. Grrr...

: I feel fine now but hungry. I was fearful to eat dinner. I had planned
: make lasagna and the spinach wasn't going to keep much longer. So I
made it
: anyway. Both of us ate very little of it and mainly just the rice
: She wasn't hungry either and that is just not like her. She is one of
: kids who is hungry all the time!

: So I think we have some sort of less than 24 bug or something. I hope
: will wake up and feel better because she simply can not miss any more
: school!

At this point, both of you are stressed and tht can lead to all kinds of
symptoms including loss of appetite(tigh stomach from worries).

I am no doctor and can't diagnose, but remeber that stress will bring on
symptoms. ( I am not talking about her foot, which started this

I hope it all straightens out soon, for both your sakes.

I was sick prior to going to the Dr. Not sure about her. But thanks!