Re: Are Carbs the Enemy? ADA Diabetes Forecast weighs in

On 03-08-2011 18:59, randy@xxxxxxx wrote:
I have no idea what your getting at here.

I will restate there is a strong empircally determined relationship
with IGF and cancer and Susan's verbage just showed how unaquainted
she is with the research. In the past alot more info has been provided

Susan acknowledged the _relationship_ and took issue with people who
treat that as proof of causation. She alleges that IGF will occur
in situation X and situation Y but that the cancer comes with X not Y.

You quoted guys setting up situation Y, noting IGF, and then concluding
that Y _may_ cause cancer. The "may" softens it a bit, but they were still saying exactly what Susan complained about.

Wes Groleau

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