Re: "Food" for thought

"Janet" <boxhill@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Budd Cochran wrote:
No intention to "go against the grain", just an interesting article
that supports my personal results with my moderate carb, moderate
portion, and all-the-activity-I-can-get-in-per-day lifestyle.

Btw, (and this'll really tick them off) my BG average for the last
two weeks is the equivalent of a 5.2 A1c, the two previous weeks: 5.5

No wonder I've dropped another 5 pounds over the last 3 months.

Why on earth would that tick anyone off? I'm happy for you.

It would never occur to me to think that you would be "ticked off" because
I lost weight and achieved good BGs on a lower carb regime than your body

In my view it isn't a competition. There aren't "sides." But YMMV.

One post you slam the article and, by implication, anyone that follows
anything similar ( like me), and now you're all hugs and tolerance.

C.L. "Budd" Cochran
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