Re: what effect does fasting have on your readings?

randy@xxxxxxx wrote:
As I recall, don't have the post in front of me now, you never really
specified that you were referring to immediately after a fast and I
really do not know yet what you mean.

In All my replies in this thread I said this was an effect Immediately
after a fast.
I provide a recent study that concurred and agreed that the this fact
has been verified repeatidly and is accepted.

"It has been demonstrated repeatedly that short-term fasting
induces insulin resistance, although the exact mechanism in humans is
unknown to date. Intramyocellular sphingolipids (i.e. ceramide) have
been suggested to induce insulin resistance by interfering with the
insulin signaling cascade in obesity."

First meal after a fast? or what? How long

Yes first carb intake after the fast (or very low carb diet).
How long, I don't know, but its not permanent (all the time anyway).
This effect happens with either fasting or very low carb diets. It's
present even in Eskimos.
Rabinowitch published a study in the 30 with Eskimos. You can even
take normal folks, feed them a very low carb diet for a week and many
will test diabetic on their first carb intake. I've provided the
evidence on this a few months ago. Search "Hinsworth" on ASD.

have you measured it?

No, but alot of competent scientiest have studied it and published
results in scientific journals. I've provide one recent study above.

Also your contention defies
other articles statements and common sense, since the body should
respond to reduced food intake by increased insulin sensitivity, not
the other way around as you claim. I did not see any personal
attacks on you, just adamant disagreement.- Hide quoted text -

OK then provide studies that show this does not happen immediatel
after a fast and/or show how all the existent evidence is flawed.


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no one said it doesn't but just exactly what is the point you want to make