Re: what effect does fasting have on your readings?

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fasted for 16 hours, then on my next meal, ate some egg bread
with margarine, POW 177 reading at one hour. think it might
have been th
e egg
bread and/or the margarine rest of the meal was same as before,
er got
above 135 before.

This is not unexpected. Immediately after fasting insulin
resistance is increased even more so that standard very low carb
dieting. This effect even happens in non-diabetics and its well
noted in the literature.


Randy, after reading this thread today with all the "new" first
time anywhere posters...I'm thinking maybe you are under a sock
attack. :)


And I also noticed they all use the "no archive" feature. Things that
make you go hmmmmm!

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Hey Kurt,

Fine with me. So far these posters have raised almost legitimate

What happens is that I made a very specific claim and these poster
took it to mean something more generalized that I did not say or
intend. I was very clear from the beginning.

This happens all the time here. Critisize one component of a dietary
system and proponents take this to mean something else. Some even take
it as personal assualt.

The devil is in the details and specifics.


As I recall, don't have the post in front of me now, you never really
specified that you were referring to immediately after a fast and I really
do not know yet what you mean. First meal after a fast? or what? How long
does this effect last, have you measured it? Also your contention defies
other articles statements and common sense, since the body should respond
to reduced food intake by increased insulin sensitivity, not the other way
around as you claim. I did not see any personal attacks on you, just
adamant disagreement.