Update and Warning

Hello all. It has been quite a while since I posted here, but I thought it
would be a good thing if I shared some recent experience of mine. At the end
of September and early October, I was quite unexpectedly hospitalized with
heart failure and acute renal failure. My blood glucose was a cheery 95, but
my blood pressure was a startling 268/165, although I had been on meds for
hypertension at the time. Suddenly, I was being overseen by an internist, a
nephrologist, and a cardiologist, in addition to being followed by my
regular family physician. No one knows exactly what caused my kidneys to
fail, except the internist thought it could be related to a virus that I had
in the summer. Also suggested was the cumulative effects of diabetes and
hypertension over the years, even though both were treated and under

I am happy to report that now my kidney function seems to be improving, with
the creatinine down to 2.0, and the blood pressure is now a rosy 130/80. The
blood glucose continues right along within normal limits. The downside is
that I am taking about 8 meds now, twice a day, and I am even obligingly
taking a statin. I am on limited fluids, and with luck, will be able to
avoid dialysis. I also have a bad mitral valve with serious cardiomyopathy.
All the other valves of my heart are damaged, also.

I have told you all the foregoing just to let you know that I am still with
you, even if not so active here as I once was, and to let my experience
serve as a warning to anyone who wants to listen that we cannot afford to be
complacent about our health. Oftentimes, it is easy to just not worry so
much about what we eat and do as it affects our health, until a crisis
arises. In my case, I thought all I had to do was watch what I ate, get a
little exercise, and everything would fall into place. Alas, it was not so
simple. Someone once said diabetes was like a monster that we struggle to
tie up and put in the corner..... Still it can get you in ways you least

Will, T2