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Bernstein, or "Bernsquack" as he was often called, used to be sneered
at here by some in exactly the same terms as some now sneer at Taubes:
pushing an agenda, trying to sell a book, no proper medical
qualifications, not respected by medical authorities, cites outdated
research, too technical, etc etc.. But a silent conversion seems to
have taken place. Outsider and some others have recently mentioned
Bernstein approvingly in asd without attracting any protest.

Perhaps we just need to wait a while for the protesters to have
actually read Taubes.

Just creating another pointless dispute, Chris? I purchased Bernstein
as a result of his being mentioned favorably in this newsgroup,
followed by my acceptance of his general point(s) of view as revealed
in the book reviews I read.
Chris fails in his attempt to troll here by misrepresenting what has
been said about both Bernstein and Taubes. No one "sneers" at either
of them but there are a few, myself included, who are not disciples of
those two books.

Google "Bernsquack" in asd for plenty of examples of sneers!

One person, who has not posted here in a long time, used that term.

And if you follow up his criticisms of Bernstein as "Bernsquack", you
will find his opiniions often drew applaise and agreement from you and
your friends of that time. Plus you often followed a commendation of
Bernstein with your standard criticism.

The main appeal of both Bernstein and Taubes is that
they have one thing in common - they both give a big middle finger to
the professional medical community.

Bernstein is a respected member of the professional medical

That doesn't mean he doesn't give a big middle finger to most of the
professional medical community about diabetes.

Really? Where does he do that?

I have some surprising news for you, Kurt. It's possible for
scientists to disagree with one another without "giving the middle
finger". Furthermore it's possible for two scientists to disagree who
are both respected members of the professional medical community.

If that were not the case, how could it ever be possible for the
generally accepted majority view on a topic to change? Such as for
example the change in the ADA's view about the existence, diagnosis,
and treatment of pre-diabetes during the time you and I have been
posting to asd.

Chris Malcolm