Re: Well controlled t-2, yet neuropathy beginnings?

On Jan 5, 7:37 am, Chris Malcolm <c...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A "stranger in a newsgroup" claiming a low carb diet made their hair
fall out is just an anecdote. But if you try a low carb diet and your
hair falls out it it ceases to be anecdote for you. It becomes an
experiment you tried. And in science experiment trumps everything
else, including research papers which claim low carbing cures

Alleged anecdotal "claims" that cannot be vetted is what are made in
this newsgroup. They do not trump science. Ironically, the self
proclaimed diabetes experts in here use selective science research and
studies to support their opinions unless proven wrong. If no selective
research or studies that back them up can be found, or if someone
posts research and studies that contradict their opinions, they they
put their fingers in their ears and shout their anecdotal findings. >8
- )