Re: Well controlled t-2, yet neuropathy beginnings?

On Jan 4, 5:10 am, Chris Malcolm <c...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Using my meter I started identfiying and removing the food items which
were causing the BG spikes. The most serious culprit was those healthy
whole grains. The second most serious was starchy vegetables.

Removing those from my diet brought my postprandial BG spikes under
140. And after several months of my BG-healthy no-grain diet I was
recovering well from all those symptoms. The weird thing is that a
heart-healthy whole grain diet was supposed to help all those
symptoms. But it didn't. It was a heart-healthy no-grain diet which
did the trick.

Seems to be a not uncommon experience among T2s here.

Proving once again that anecdotal stories from low carb disciples
trumps any kind of science.

"Since high-fat protein sources, such as fatty red meat and whole
milk, delay stomach emptying and increase your risk for reflux, the
McKinley Health Center suggests limiting these and other high-fat

I hear that cutting the evil whole gains out of your diet and eating
low carb will give you the following superhuman powers: X-ray vision,
cause you to shoot spider web out of your wrists, turn green and
explode out of your clothes when you get angry, stretchability so you
can dial your kitchen phone from your bedroom, and the ability to fly!



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