Re: Well controlled t-2, yet neuropathy beginnings?

On 12/28/2010 10:17 AM, Dave wrote:

I looked over posts dealing with neuropathy, and have some questions.
It seems other group members have similar questions.


Dx type-2 Spring 2000, A1c 6.1, not high due to early diagnosis.
Controlled diet and exercise, lost weight. Been on various tablets
since, most common is metforming 500mg two times a day, glipizide 2.5
x times a day. A1c has always been 4.5 to 5.9 since diag 10.5 years

Currently, 60-90 minutes after eating a modest amount of carbs like a
slice of pizza or a slice of wheat toast, my BG goes from 80 to 135 to
180, then back to 75-100 an hour or two later (2.5-3.5 hrs after
beginning to eat). I consider my carb "spike" to be acceptable.

Last Feb, on my first visit to ANY cardiologist, he diagnosed
rhabdomyelosis and discontinued all statins/Zetia, etc. Put me on
fish oil (4 gms/day) vitamin D 1000 units 2x day, Niaspan 500mg (time
release prescription niacin)

Of note, two months ago in routine blood tests my PCP said my B12 was
high above normal range, but offered no advice.

Two months ago, my left three smallest toes on my left foot began
burning as though they'd been burned by hot water. This lasted
several days, then went away. I happened again a few days ago, so I
called my PCP. THe nurse suggested I take ibuprophen and see if it

THere's also RA in my family, mother severely, sisiter some at age 56.

Opinions, please!

Thanks, Dave
Gout, RA, Osteo-Arthritis, broken toes by stepping over on the foot when walking on uneven surfaces, neuropathy, frostbite.............. too many things for us to determine what is happening, go see your PCP

good luck
type 1, Aug/89, complication free