Re: Lisinopril?

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On 12/19/2010 4:17 AM, Ellen K. wrote:

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My next personal hurdle is sloNiacin. I've been delaying trying it for
than a year. After the holidays for sure.

Instead of statins?

My body does not tolerate statins at all. I still suffer a little from
the muscle death they induced in one of the large muscles in the
back of my left thigh. A non-statin that worked well kept inducing
sequential upper respiratory infections, a published side-effect. I
refuse to take an expensive medication that consists of ground up
Styrofoam to absorb cholesterol before we're able to absorb it.

That seems to leave sloNiacin as my last resort.

Is this the type of niacin that is non flush?? I am on regular 500mg niacin
because the statin gave me awful leg cramps. It has made my BGs slightly
higher. BUt I have no cramps. I can stand the flushing not the cramps.