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Eternal September must have a glitch. I am apparently able to send
am not getting any new posts or replies.

You might have come across the perfect killfile.

Jokes aside, there might be a problem with the news server of your ISP.
you contact their help desk they will get you to delete the server
settings and re-insert them. If you have the opportunity, try to access
the same server from another computer.

My ISP does not have a news server. I use Eternal September. It is
now. I am not the only one who had the problem.

I also use Eternal September.

I'm not sure it was at exactly the same time as you, because of our
time-zone differences, but I had a problem at about that time where
Agent could not connect. It lasted several hours. I gave up trying and
got on with other things. I did not try to send during that period.

I could connect to the web without problems but not to usenet. Then
suddenly it started working again and has continued to do so.

That has happened at least twice in the past couple of months.

Yep. Also I sometimes am able to read the posts but can not reply. It is
possible that the posts I am seeing are old ones. Not sure.

My ISP is Optusnet. At various times I've had the following situations - my
posts don't appear; my posts don't appear on my version of the newsgroup,
but responses to them do; my posts appear several days later; no new posts
on the newsgroup appear at all. A long time ago I read that an ISP takes a
sample of a newsgroup at hopefully short intervals, and that determines on
which posts appear or don't appear. I don't know if this info is accurate. I
would say all newsgroup providers would have problems at some time or other.