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Has somebody been touting this here?

(other than the usual suspects who nobody in their right mind believes

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Not here but it seems to becoming current again so I figured I'd get in
first :-)

Current again? I never heard it from anyone but you!

Julie, do you suppose there might be places in RL and/or the net that
Rod frequents but you've never been?

Whether the answer is yes or no, perhaps it's time to drop this?

That may be but I am still questioning why he would be posting it here. He
posted it as though it were common knowledge or something that was being
discussed here and it wasn't. And obviously I was not the only one to have
questioned this.

When people post links it is usually polite to at least glance at the
link, which forms part of their post, before criticising the post.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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