Re: My Blood Tests&something New

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On 10/16/2010 7:28 PM, W. Baker wrote:
I just received my blood numbers from my endo visit last week and I am
quite happy. 4 months ago, I had my last test on what turned out to be
Syd's last day. As I had cut back on meds adn had been eating strangely,
to say the least, I had an A1c of 6.4, up from my usual 5.9.

I did not go back to my old dose of 1500mgs a day of Metformin, but
stayed at 1,000 of the ex taken in two installments of 500 as I watnted
to see if I could maintain at the lower dose. I did go back, to some
extent, to my regular eating pattern, although my eating hours can be eird
and I ate mightly often, particularly during the hot summer days. I also
was not happy doing much cooking so there was some strangeness in my diet
and I have maintained about a 5 lb weight loss.

The new numbers were very encouraging. Here they are:

A1c 5.9
Total Cholesterol 170
HDL 74!!(highest ever for me)
Cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.3Also!!!!
LDL Calculted) 78
Triglycerides 92

I am very happy with these numbers adn yes, I do take a statin.

What also interested me was a new entry after the A1c,. Instead of giving
a<6 as normal range it had the following entries:

<5.7-decreased risk of Diabetes
5.7-6.0 increased risk of Diabetes
6.1-6.4 Higher Risk of Diabetes
OR + 6.5 Consistnat with Diabetes.

I wonder if this new lstig is part of the move to use A1c as a diagnostic
tool. It, certainly, gives more information than the old method.

It is, and it's crap, since the risks of mortality from CVD rise above 4.6% and seriously go up above 5%. They keep setting the bar too high. In 1998, it was 7% and delayed my diagnosis until I got a meter and found I was regularly above 200 post meal.

But I'm so glad you got your control back with less metformin, even, that must be very reassuring, so CONGRATS on that! Not too shabby.