Re: Eating fried fish

On Oct 14, 2:05 pm, Metspitzer <kilow...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I tested my sugar after walking 2 miles.  It was 116.  I then went to
Long John Silvers for fish.  I got a 3 piece fish dinner with green
beans and slaw.  I ate one of the two hush puppies.  After waiting an
hour my sugar count is 155.

This is a score I can live with.  Right?

That in my mind is a sure road to wacky blood lipids,
hypertension, cardiodisease, neuropathy, foamy urine,
kidney failure, etc.

Eating out is nearly always a mistake. Make your own
and bring it. Cabbage can be healthy but commercial
slaw isn't. As it has bad fats and is load with sugar.
And the "fish" is likely half fish flavor flour. And what
did you drink?