Re: Bariatric Surgery to 'Treat' Diabetes: Worth the Costs?

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Two different studies have suggested that bariatric surgery for
patients with type 2 diabetes is cost–effective.

The first study‚ involving administrative claims data of 2‚235
patients with diabetes aged 18 to 64 years‚ looked at the main
outcomes of overall healthcare costs and use of diabetes medications.
Compared with the baseline annual cost of $6‚376 per patient, the
first–year total annual healthcare costs increased 9.7 percent but
then decreased 34.2 percent in the second year and 70.5 percent in the
third year. Overall‚ bariatric surgery was linked to elimination of
diabetes medication use in nearly 75 percent of 2‚235 patients after
six months‚ about 80 percent of 1‚847 patients after one year and 84.5
percent of 1‚072 patients two years after surgery. The second study
applied the validated U.S. Centers for Disease Control–Research
Triangle Institute Diabetes Cost–Effectiveness Model after
modifications to incorporate results of bariatric surgery‚ including
diabetes remission‚ relapse, and surgery costs.


Personally I would be very concerned about possible complications from the surgery itself.


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