Re: Which type of ALA are you taking?

On 6 Oct 2010 21:18:54 GMT, Ozlover <this@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Exactly! So we're not 'discussing' any *health*-related difference,
just the usual stupid "meds bad, supplements good" dogma.

I must admit I have seen that dogma expressed elsewhere, but not here.

I must admit that I'm not in the least surprised that your blinders
are still as effective as ever.

Frank, I'm honestly puzzled by that response.

Please remove my blinders by providing url or message ID links to
specific posts, or even threads, on asd where that has occurred. Who
here do you believe is promoting the "meds bad, supplements good"

I think your own blinders based on personal issues may be getting in
the way here; they also seem to be getting more in the way of your
vision lately.

I am honestly interested in a cite-supported response. I have very few
people in killfiles, mainly religious nuts and spammers, but it's
possible I've missed the dogmatic posts.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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