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The ultimate question is, how many folks have been injured
by bad advice given here.

The ultimate question is, how many folks have been injured by bad medical
advice...that were never here? I know quite a few.


Can anyone here recall a single occasion where a credible person has
complained that advice given on mhd or asd actually caused them harm?

The only one I can recall was possibly the case of Chris J. He
suffered eye damage, apparently because of a dramatic change in his
BGs and cholesterol levels over a very short time. But even then, most
here advised him to change and moderate the extreme low-everything
menu he was following when he arrived. So it was not the advice here
that caused him damage, it was his own extreme action before arrival.

Apart from that I can not recall another possible instance since I
arrived in 2002 on mhd.

I am certain that if it had occurred someone would have returned to
tell us so.

On the other hand, plenty have returned to report their successes from
reading various posts here.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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