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Janet wrote:

I wear Tevas outside most of the summer. I often walk for miles in them, and
they are both tough and comfortable, since they don't bind the foot
anywhere. I just have the regular kind, but they make some more substantial
ones for hiking and so forth.

I have Tevas, but much prefer Keens for comfort and for protecting my
whole foot; I've used a pair of these for years, and expect to wear
the same ones for many more since they look like new after much hiking
and paddling:

I'm big on foot comfort. I refuse to wear high heels or tight pointy shoes.
I wear Dansko clogs during cool months.

I knew I'd gotten old when I no longer cared if my shoes were sexy, only
comfortable. :-) I wear Merrell Primo Chill fleece lined clogs in
winter, a lot of Born, Sofft, etc.

I do not have loss of sensation in my feet, and since I am so often barefoot
I can see that they are not injured! In addition, when I have had a cut or
something on a toe, it has healed up within a day or two.

That's how it goes for me, too.

When I go out I wear New Balance.

But I have to be honest. Living in the sub-tropics I usually go
barefoot around the house and my own yard.

I grew up barefoot, including going to Primary (Elementary) School
barefoot, so my feet are wider than average and my soles are thicker
than most. Not quite a hobbit, but I can relate to Frodo.

However, I don't have neuropathy yet. If that occurs I will probably
change my ways.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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