Re: Disposing insulin syringes

"jaj001" wrote
What I am trying to say is the following:

1) An individual cannot be made to purchase "clippers" or sharps cans.

Correct! They however are prohibited from unsafe disposal in any way which includes city trash and most public disposal locations (some country locations have no rules as of yet on medical waste).

2) As long as they are in a "puncture proof" container, home generated
sharps can be placed in regular trash anywhere in the USA just like
something that is not recycled or composted.

Wrong. Call your city. These specifically fall under medical waste as they bear potential blood pathogens. Now, your county may be fairly unregulated, but don't assume that is the norm as it is not.

3) The purpose of my post was to awaken individuals about saving

No, it was to claim 'ADA law requires....' something it doesn't.

e. In every jurisdiction explored, when asked about the
"charging more" or having ADA protected groups jump through extra
loops and hoops, the reply was "not required". The replies continued
"protect our workers but you do not have to do exotic things" like buy
needle clippers, sharps cans, etc.

You asked the question wrong. Buzz word 'does it cost more for disabled' answer is no. It costs the *same*.

Go on ahead and use an old coffee can where you are. It may even be legal where you are. Just don't claim ADA law *requires* it be acceptable because it doesn't and that Jaj, is the facts of the matter.