Re: Higher saturated fat = less CVD, higher carbs = more CVD

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If you reduce saturated fat and replace it with high glycemic-index
carbohydrates, you may not only not get benefits you might actually
produce harm, Ludwig argues. The next time you eat a piece of
buttered toast, he says, consider that butter is actually the more
healthful component.

Seems that Dr. Atkins was right. Fat doesn't make you fat, bad carbs

I agree. Atkins was right all along. His books and studies, have upset
establishment to such a degree that the low fatters are still making
personal attacks against him long after his death.

And of course many vegetarians hate him with a religious fervour. The
industry in the USA have done everything they can to discredit him. They
still want to sell vast quantities of high fructose corn syrup. BTW,
every label in the market. Agribusiness is sneaking this into almost


Everything about the Atkins diet and the man is, on the best of days,

It's a good idea to read that Snopes article. If you do that you will
find near the end that the controversy over the "was obese, had a
heart attack, and died" started when Richard Fleming, a doctor
unconnected with Atkins medical team, obtained a private brief summary
death certificate that shouldn't have been released to him.

They omit to tell you who Fleming was and how the report became
public, but more details can easily be found by clicking on the "death
certificate" link.

The second page shows Atkins "suffered from a heart attack, congestive
heart failure, and hypertension." Although the proximate cause of death
was attributed to the fall, there is strong suspicion that the fall was
triggered by more than ice.

Those were pre-existing medical conditions which he was being treated
for. Atkins and the doctor who was treating him for his heart problems
maintained that the heart problems were unrelated to his diet. Since
the family specifically refused a full autopsy, and are maintaining a
determined silence, we're unlikely to find out more.

Richard Fleming is a diet guru whose Fleming Foundation promotes a
vegetarian diet for heart health. In life he and Atkins had not
surprisingly been severe critics of one another. Fleming passed the
certificate he obtained to the Physicians Committee for Responsible
Medicine, an organisation which fiercely promotes a completely vegan
diet and considers giving your child a boiled egg tantamout to child
abuse. The PCRM (which despite its title contains very few physicians)
leaked the Atkins death certificate and comments on it to the Wall
Street Journal.

How many physicians participate in a.s.d?

Very occasionally one appears briefly. But unlike the Physicians
Committee for Responsible Medicine asd doesn't advertise itself to be
an organisation of physicians.

Would you believe anything wrtitten by Chung? :-)

In earlier years, before I was diagnosed diabetic but had had a heart
attack, Chung gave me good advice about my heart condition and spotted
something useful just from my descriptions which my doctor and
cardiologist hadn't. Or at any rate hadn't bothered to tell me. But
when brought to their attention agreed with. He's now so far submerged
under the dog pack of mad doctor taunters that it's hard to say
whether he still retains his cardiology skills.

The battle over the nature of Atkins' death is a good example of how
fiercely and unscrupulously those who are making money out of fat
people will defend their territory.

As do those who promote the Atkins diet. It seems a well balanced
pair to me.

The extraordinary thing about the Atkins diet is that not only are
most of its attackers attacking a fantasy diet they think is the
Atkins diet, but a large number of Atkins diet supporters have also
never read the book and got it badly wrong. I've even watched a number
of British TV programmes about the Atkins diet which involved
following some volunteers through a few months of trying out the
Atkins diet, and they got it wrong too, apparently basing their diets
and ideas on careless nonsense published in newspapers and women's
magazines about it.

That by the way is not a defense of the Atkins diet. It's an attack
not only on most of the Atkins critics, but on many of the Atkins fans
as well. I don't consider Atkins himself beyond criticism. I'd just
like to see the real Atkins diet criticised.

But not here -- it's a tar baby.

Chris Malcolm