Re: Low-fat or low-carb?

On Sun, 25 Apr 2010 13:22:25 -0700 (PDT), Kurt
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Diabetes is a complicated
disease that you think can be controlled by reading a few sound bytes
from goobers like you.

But it IS controlled and often quite easily, just not by eating high
carb low fat diets. Why do you think why that might be?

Meanwhile people following Conventional Wisdom go on becoming more
ill, while people who don't, don't. How can that be?

Another supposition on your part. Most diabetics don't follow much of
any wisdom at all, conventional or otherwise. Following just about any
diet will yield positive results for a diabetic, especially when
combined with exercise. The problem is lack of self discipline and
compliance. Conventional wisdom works well when applied.

Absolute bollocks (no surprise there then)

Even your government's own food consumption figures (check the
sources) demonstrate that while people ARE reducing their fat
consumption and replacing saturated fat (which we evolved to eat) with
Omega 6 seed oils (which we didn't) and more carbs, so metabolic
diseases are becoming more widespread

As for exercise

He's right, once you get your metabolism back to working properly then
the right kind of exercise is beneficial. They don't even recommend
effective types of exercise.

Your whole agenda in all the years you've been posting here has been
to prevent access to information that works. In terms of asd you have
succeeded. In terms of the rest of the world you're just a fart in a