Re: Diana Schwarzbein?

bj <bjones44@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: On Wed, 21 Apr 2010 07:42:45 -0500, sometimers
: <sometimers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

: >There may be some older than me here besides Wendy. So far,
: >Wendy and Trinkwasser are the only active participants who
: >have behaved as a civilized human behaves ideally.

: Gee, I thought I'd always been pretty polite, though I can't speak to
: "vintage" since I don't remember how long I've been hanging around here.

: Or am I just not "active" enough? I have been less active lately as the
: discussions (?) have seemed to be so circular & self-repeating, and I get
: tired of being either ignored or shot down for my wayward habits (not low
: carb being the main one). Nobody seems to like anything I say or consider my
: experience or suggestions of any use, or even say I'm doing a good job, so I
: go through stretches of just not bothering to try posting any of it.

: But despite my failings I still have no complications after nearly 12 years,
: good fbg & A1c and now that I've been doing special exercises for >6months
: I can do a bit of running again, just in time for the racing season,
: although I have had to cut back (bummer).
: bj


I am another not wildly active poster if often finds herself ignored. I
am finding that lately there seems to be just a bit more testosterone
running through the threads with qite a few folks looking for the last
word. I often skip those long yes you did, no I didn't parts of the
threads. I hate having someone constantly telling us how to post or how
to argue. We don't need net nannies.

As for our success, i am thrilled for you. Your use of exercise,
particularly some of your impressive running accomplishments is,
certainly, worth our aproval and interest. I cannot eat the number of
carbs you manage, but then i cannot and am also not inclined to do as much
exercise as you. We all find our own mixtures of D,E, and Meds. You
choose not to limit ou carbs as much as many of do, but I and many others,
are not willing to exercise as much as you do, particularly those 15K
runs:-) It is really to each his own.