Re: Diana Schwarzbein?

On 4/21/2010 6:21 AM, Evelyn wrote:

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On 4/20/2010 9:05 PM, Evelyn wrote:

I have been posting here for years and never once have I failed to
receive good advice when I have asked it. I have always asked politely,
however, and was responded to in kind.

While I am glad for your success, if we all had identical
experiences as a regular feature in life, there would
probably not be any need for newsgroups such as these.

Newsgroups are people. You have to master the art of politeness.


If what is being said above were actually the whole truth we would
not be having this discussion. After all, the "you" applies to all
the participants.

come in here, you need to remember that they don't know you, and you
need to watch your speech to see that you don't offend, just as you
would if you were to join a new club or civic organization.


It sounds from this as though prior users have greater "ownership
rights" than newcomers. That's not the real case at all.

You also
need to expect someone to test you with some challenge.


Yes, it sounds as though the longevity imputes ownership of the
forum rings true in the paradigm. This is realpolitik at its
best/worse. Politics, of all sorts, being an artificial human

> If you get all
bristly and nasty, expect the whole gang to jump on you.


The human = the herding animal. Civilization is supposed to
be a buffering agent against animal instincts. Why isn't that
working properly here? Does diabetes kill civilizing factors?
Does diabetes cause bad behavior to get a pass as good when
"in the herd"?

You need to be
tactful and kind, and you will get that back.


Are "you", that is the proverbial you, so sure that it is
somehow important for me to "get back?" If it were, then
the advice given would be appropriate in order for me, the
relative newbie, to become part of one or another existing

There may be some older than me here besides Wendy. So far,
Wendy and Trinkwasser are the only active participants who
have behaved as a civilized human behaves ideally. The rest
have, directly or indirectly, made specific demands of my
participation instead of accepting me as a diabetic who
came in a search, a participant with my own human foibles
contrasting with theirs. That search, in my case, does not
necessarily include acceptance despite the herding instinct

You might notice that this herd has split into several
factions all more or less tolerant of one another. I will
not work to fit into one or another because of the demand.
When it works that way, the herd drives away individuals
in need, or at least searching, for information and misses
the entire purpose of the family of forums called usenet.
And it appears this herd has been operating in this region
long enough to accomplish just that.

Thanks for your clarifying input.