Re: Diana Schwarzbein?

On 4/19/2010 10:12 AM, bj wrote:
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bj wrote:

Obviously it never occurred to him that many people, when faced with
insults, just figure "why bother?" even if they have an answer to a
question. Why take the time to write up the answer when like as not
you'll just get back more insults? Why bother expending time & energy
on someone so un-community-minded? That's not being "petty" that's
just choosing how to use your time, energy & talents.

Some of us just KF and don't see the insults or the requests for help.


Oh, that too.
I haven't gotten my KF built up right since my New Year's meltdown.
And some <bleepers> still get around just about anything.
(I do keep my finger at the delete-key-alert)

It looks like most of what I've "learned" here is political
or ideological rather than medical. Too bad so many waste
a useful tool. In this newsgroup I've been 100% reactive,
so put the blame where it belongs. You're no better than
any of the regular troublemakers. The delete-key-alert
obviously isn't where you keep your finger.